Providing high-quality intensive care remotely,
even when specialists are not available

Remote Consultation System

Intensivists and certified intensive care nurses are available 24/7 hours to support acute care

A completely new form of telemedicine for doctors and nurses

The critical care of serious cases requires 24-hour systemic management, including respiratory and circulatory control, sedation and analgesia, and treatment of infectious diseases, and requires a high level of knowledge and experience. However, due to the shortage of intensivists in most hospitals in Japan, non-specialized doctors are often forced to work in intensive care.

The remote consultation system, “RELIEVE,” provides 24-hour, 365-day support by a medical team consisting of intensivists and certified intensive care nurses for the treatment of critical care, for which there is a nationwide shortage of specialists. RELIEVE supports to reduce the anxiety of medical staff who are in charge of life-threatening critical care with the latest knowledge and abundant experience.

“RELIEVE” Remote Consultation System Features


“Intensivists” and “certified intensive care nurses” trained in front-line ICUs in Japan and overseas provide support based on their ample experience and the most advanced knowledge.


Intensivists and certified intensive care nurses who have trained in front-line ICUs in Japan and overseas provide support based on their extensive experience and the latest findings.


The same support can be provided anywhere in Japan, including remote areas and isolated islands. All you need is the Internet.

T-ICU’s Unique Support System

The T-ICU provides a remote ICU system and supports on-site medical personnel 24 hours a day through a network of medical specialists and certified nurses with years of experience in intensive care.

Cooperating doctors:

including intensivists, emergency physicians, internal medicine specialists, certified internal medicine physicians,  anesthesiologists, anesthesiology supervisors, anesthesiologists, stroke specialists, and ICDs

Cooperating nurses:

including intensive care certified nurses and emergency nursing licensed nurses

As of July 2021

Introduction Flow

For the introduction of COVID-19 measures, we offer express service in the shortest few days.

  • Day 1

    Confirmation of the local situation

    determination of the installation location, the decision of the doctor/nurse who will be the contact person in the future

  • Day 14

    Procurement of equipment and construction of environment

    arrangement of equipment for installation, explanation of future usage

  • Day 1

    Equipment installation

    installation in ICU, and other critical care rooms

  • Day 30

    Introduction support

    briefing session, weekly meeting with the person in charge

About 2 months until the installation

FAQ “Frequently Asked Questions”

How does the system work?

Using the terminal provided when you sign up for this service, you can transfer and share the screen displaying the patient data.

There is no need to connect a new terminal to the hospital network. You can use the video conferencing function to consult with a specialist in a remote location at any time.

Is there any risk of leakage of personal information?

We use a cloud service that complies with the guidelines of the three ministries to ensure medical institution-level security.

In addition, we do not collect any data such as name, date of birth, address, contact information, etc. We take utmost care to ensure safety.

To learn more about the remote consultation system "Relieve", click here.