Medical treatment like bedside care even if you are far away

Remote Monitoring System

We provide a remote monitoring system that can be used to attend to patients and medical personnel from a distance

Notice on COVID-19 Countermeasures

Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, which has become a national crisis, hospitals accepting COVID-19 patients are now required to provide both medical care and prevent infection among healthcare workers. The more severely injured patients require closer treatment and nursing care, while the shortage of personal protective equipment continues, making it extremely difficult to balance medical care and infection prevention.

With the introduction of “CLOSE-BY”, patients can be monitored using a high-performance camera placed at the bedside. By connecting to a variety of medical equipment including ventilators, the system can deliver multifaceted patient information to remote locations within the hospital.

Medical care changes with “CLOSE-BY”


The “CLOSE-BY” system is a new way to provide medical care at the bedside. The patient’s facial expression, breathing pattern, vital signs, and the graphics of the human ventilator can all be observed. The only thing you can’t do with CLOSE-BY is direct touch.


Speaking while looking at the eyes. There is no warmer communication than this. You can feel the patient’s anxiety and the nurse’s concern that cannot be conveyed by language alone. Face-to-face dialogue delivers even more peace of mind.


With ”CLOSE-BY”, a specialist can utilize his valuable time more efficiently. He/She can concentrate on doing research or taking a break from hectic duty while maintaining quality treatment to the patients.

“CLOSE-BY” system achieves telemonitoring

Simultaneous monitoring on a single screen
Free screen customization
Live and recorded viewing

The 360-degree camera zooms in and displays a screen of the medical equipment, so you can provide the same nursing care as if you were bedside.

High-quality camera

3K image quality for high-definition images
Clear sound quality
360-degree shooting

Monitoring view

The single screen display of multiple patients
Medical device screens can be displayed
Both live and recorded images can be viewed

Independent network

Completely independent network system
No interference to any existing system in the hospital
Ensures stable communication


Complete security with no need for cloud or external networks

Introduction Flow

Installation usually takes about one month from the time of inquiry.

Due to COVID-19 measures, we offer express installation support in a minimum of several weeks.

  • Day 1

    Confirmation of local conditions

    Planning of network (wireless/wired, need for relay)

  • Day 21

    Equipment procurement
    Environment creation/Setting the Environment

    Camera, Network HDD (NAS), LAN setup and verification

  • Day 1

    Equipment installation

    Work in ICU/ward, Work in a remote area of the hospital

  • Day 7

    Operation verification

    Verification after actual use

Approx. 1 month for implementation

FAQ “Frequently Asked Questions”

How do you build a network?

We build our own LAN. The LAN with “CLOSE-BY” is built so that it does not interfere with the existing LAN of the hospital and does not affect electronic medical records or medical equipment.

Wireless or wired?

Basically, it is a wired connection. If construction is not possible or the delivery date is urgent, a wireless connection is also possible.

How long will it take for delivery?

It takes about one month after deciding the equipment configuration. This one month is mainly for equipment procurement and set up.

How much does “CLOSE-BY” cost?

We will provide you with an estimate based on your requirements, such as monitoring location, number of cameras, and purpose. Please contact us.

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