Providing high-quality intensive care remotely,
even when specialists are not available

Specialities of T-ICU

Beyond the distance are intensivist, intensive care certified nurses and trusted healthcare professionals

Speaciality 124/7 hours support from intensivists / intensive care certified nurses

T-ICU’s most unique specialty and strength are its “human resources.”

Other companies also provide services in the field of telemedicine. With the spread of COVID-19, many companies have turned their attention to developing technologies to support the medical field. Among them, our company is the only one in Japan that possesses “human resources.”

The technologies we have developed always incorporate medical professionals active on the front lines of medicine and become an immediate asset.
Please take advantage of technology and human resources under one package and enjoy peace of mind!

Doctor: Konoike Yoshihiko

T-ICU Co., Ltd.

Certified Intensivist / Certified Pediatrician

2009 Clinical Intern, Kurume University

2011 Department of Pediatrics, Kurume University

2013 Department of Pediatrics Intensive Care, Tokyo Metropolitan Children’s Medical Center

2015 Department of Emergency Medical Center, Kurume University

2017 Department of Pediatrics Intensive Care, Hyogo Prefectural Kobe Children Hospital



Nurse: Moriguchi Shingo

T-ICU Co., Ltd.

Certified Nurse in Intensive Care

2005 Kohka Public Hospital

2008 Kyoto University Hospital

2012 National Hospital Organization Kyoto Medical Center

2017 Shiga General Hospital

2019 T-ICU Co., Ltd.

Nurse: Kasahara Kimiyasu

T-ICU Co., Ltd.

Certified Nurse in Intensive Care

1998 Hashima City Hospital

2006 Chuno Kosei Hospital

2019 IS-Innovation, Founder

Nurse: Tsukahara Daisuke

T-ICU Co., Ltd.

Certified Nurse in Intensive Care / Certified Nurse in Specific Care

2000 Ome Municipal General Hospital

2006 Kyorin University Hospital

2012 Nursing Training School, Japanese Nursing Association

2020 Juntendo University Nerima Hospital

Speciality 2Consultation services cover a wide range of areas

The services provided by T-ICU are not limited to intensive care – remote ICU.

Remote ER, where specialists experienced in acute care, provide detailed consultation from medical policy to transfer patients to the hospital.

We also provide a wide range of services, such as Remote Care.

Certified intensive care nurses experienced in intensive care and other acute care services support education for young people and consultation on medical safety during the daytime and reporting to doctors at night. We plan to expand this service in the future further.

Three “RELIEVE” services to support doctors and nurses in intensive care units, emergency settings, and post-operative care

This solution allows intensivists and certified intensive care nurses to provide medical support remotely via a network.
By providing real-time medical support in areas that are lacking in the hospital, such as remote ICU, remote ER, and remote Care, the system contributes to improving patient prognosis and reducing the burden on doctors and nurses.

Details of the remote consultation system “RELIEVE”

“CLOSE-BY” remote monitoring system is effective for COVID-19 treatment during infection isolation

A high-performance camera placed at the bedside enables observation of the patient’s facial expression, color, and even breathing patterns, and is also connected to various medical devices including ventilators. In addition, it can be connected to various medical devices including ventilators, thus preventing infection and assisting communication among medical personnel.

Details of the remote monitoring system

Speciality 3Affordable pricing to introduce regardless of hospital size

The price can be kept low as the system can be introduced in the form most suitable for the hospital and with the minimum required functions. Some of our systems have been patented, and our security measures comply with the guidelines of the three ministries, so you can use them with confidence.

  •  Remote consultation system “RELIEVE”

    Lead-time for implementation:
    2 months

    Approx. Cost:
    2.2 million JPY or above

  • Remote monitoring system “CLOSE-BY”

    Lead-time for implementation:
    1 month

    Approx. Cost:
    3.0 million JPY or above

For more information on costs,
please request a brochure

Recommendation from a doctor involved in intensive care

Dr. Ryo Uchiyama 
(Advisor, T-ICU)

Medical Doctor, Legacy Emanuel Medical Center, Oregon, US

Intensive care is the medical field that deals with critically ill patients. An Intensivist is a specialist who provides intensive care based on knowledge gained through several years of training. The Intensivist’s role is to provide medical care to facilitate recovery from a critical condition based on the patient’s (or relative’s) desired treatment goals.

Communication skills are essential for a competent Intensivist. The treatment of critically ill patients requires collaboration with other specialists involved in the treatment, such as doctors, nurses, physical therapists, nutritionists, and care managers. Effective communication is also vital to build a trusting relationship with relatives, who are also the most indispensable partners in the patient’s recovery. Collaboration and trust are essential to create hope and foster a better treatment environment.

With the current increase in the number of patients requiring intensive care, our medical field faces a shortage of Intensivists who can respond immediately. Tele-ICU has the potential to bridge the imbalance between the demand for intensive care and the number of available doctors. In this era of globalization and advances in information technology, the Tele-ICU has the potential to become a bridge of communication between the Intensivist and the treatment site. I see great hope and the possibility of such a specialized service.

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