About Us 

Management Philosophy

We want to contribute to society through intensive care.

We want to save as many critically ill patients as possible by providing an environment where they can receive high-level intensive care anytime, anywhere, regardless of whether an intensivist is on duty or not.

We also want to reduce the burden on doctors and nurses working in intensive care and support the work-life balance of medical professionals.

Company Profile

Company Name T-ICU Co., Ltd.
Location 3-2-5-605, Hachimandori, Kobe Chuo-ku, Hyogo 651-0085
Established October 13, 2016
Capital 100,000K JPY
Representative Director Tomoyuki Nakanishi
Legal Advisor Yosuke Higuchi, TMI Associates
Bank Account Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
Our Services
  1. Provision of consultation services and systems related to remote intensive care / emergency,
  2. Staff training on intensive care / emergency (education),
  3. Hospital consultation (medical safety, etc.)
Contact contact@t-icu.co.jp
Home Page https://t-icu.co.jp


After graduating from university, I have been involved in cardiovascular surgery for six years, anesthesiology for five years, and emergency and intensive care for eight years. At that time, I worked with doctors from various departments and strongly felt that each department has its in-depth knowledge and skills. As an intensivist and emergency medicine specialist, I also wanted to support patients and medical staff in the field, so I launched T-ICU Co., Ltd. with colleagues who shared the same vision, focusing on tele-intensive care.

Once tele-intensive treatment is well recognized, we will be able to effectively utilize intensivists’ expertise, which is limited nationwide, thereby achieving the following three goals.

  1. Reduce the physical and mental pressure of doctors and nurses
  2. Contribute to the further improvement of knowledge and collection of the latest information of doctors and nurses
  3.  Improve the quality of medical care further and medical safety and contribute to the prevention of medical errors.

Our effort is to solve the nationwide shortage of intensivists and create an environment where high-quality medical care can be received anywhere in Japan.

We make efforts every day to save as many critically ill patients as possible.


2001 Kyoto Prefectural University of Medicine  Graduate
2003 Japanese Red Cross Kumamoto Hospital Cardiovascular surgery
2007 Yamato Municipal Hospital Anesthesiology
2009 Japanese Red Cross Musashino Hospital Emergency Department
2013 Moriguchi Ikuno Memorial Hospital Director, Emergency Department
2016 T-ICU Co., Ltd. Founder
2019 St. Marianna University School of Medicine Part-time lecturer
2019 Tokyo Women’s Medical University Part-time lecturer
2021 Tokyo Medical and Dental University Visiting Associate Professor
2021 Marine City Medical College & Hospital International Visiting Associate Professor


  • JSICM Board Certified Intensivist
  • JAAM Board Certified Acute Care Physician
  • JSA Board Certified Anesthesiologist
  • Japan DMAT Member

Board Member

Director: Ogura Dai

  • Profile
  • Director, T-ICU Co., Ltd. (current position)
  • General Manager – Corporate Planning Department, Cave Corporation; Executive Officer, Cave Corporation
  • General Manager – Corporate Planning Office, Subsidiary Traders Securities Co.
  • General Manager – Corporate Planning Office, Subsidiary Traders Securities Co.
  • Manager – Legal Department and Group Strategy Department, Don Quijote Co., Ltd.
  • Manager – Legal & Internal Control Promotion Group, Servision Corporation (currently KDDI Web Communications, Inc.)
  • Educational Background
  • Completed Doctoral Program in Law, Waseda University Graduate School 

Director: Toyama Fuminori


Chief Marketing Officer – T-ICU (present post)

  • Since 2012, in charge of marketing, business development, and regulatory affairs at Teleflex Medical Japan.
  • Manager – Research & Development Division, REI Medical, Inc.
  • Manager – Research and Development Division, Renaissance Energy Investment Co.

Engineer – Proctor and Gamble Far East Inc.

(currently P&G Japan LLC)

  • Business Development Officer – Strategic Planning Department, Artemis International Ltd.
  • Educational Background
  • Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo.
  • Project Management Professional

Director: Nick Barua


COO – Swift-Xi Inc. (present post)

  • Director (Business Development) – Kobe Institute of Computing (present post)
  • Software Development- Microsoft Corporation
  • Astrophysicist – NASA
  • Educational Background
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics, Yale University
  • Master of Science in Applied Physics, California Institute of Technology
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Project Management, University of Hertfordshire



ICC Summit Fukuoka 2020

Catapult Grand-Prix


Grand Prix at Microsoft Innovation Lab Award 2019


Award of excellence in Japan Business Healthcare Contest, held by Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry


Grand Prize Winner in Business Acceleration Program

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